Foundation for Positive Mental Health

The Foundation for Positive Mental Health offers skills training to enhance everyday wellbeing and increase resilience to, and recovery from, mental health difficulties.

Positive Mental Training is a self-help programme for:

  • stress
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • confidence
  • coping
  • wellbeing
  • sleep

Research shows the programme can help lift mood out of depression, stress and anxiety and build confidence & coping. It can build resilience and decrease burnout and is also used for chronic pain, migraine etc.

The programme consists of 12 audio tracks and an introduction video. The audio tracks are available as either CDs or MP3 downloads. Each track lasts 18 minutes, and is ideally listened to 5 times a week. In this way the whole programme takes 12 weeks to complete. However research has shown that there is considerable benefit after 4 weeks.

Positive Mental Training has the same principles as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – i.e. to lift mood and change unhelpful thoughts and behaviour, and does this by bringing together proven therapeutic techniques of:

  • relaxation
  • mindfulness
  • visualisation
  • reappraisal

How to access it

The programme is free to people living in Edinburgh. You can access the programme from your GP or health professional, who can give you CDs or MP3 download codes for the website or app.

The first couple of tracks of Positive Mental Training are freely available to listen to on the website or app, so you can try it to see if you like it. You’ll also find a short video about it on the website.

Lifestyle management life skills course 

Service Categories


Intended Client Groups:

  • People Experiencing Mental Health Difficulties


This service is available to residents of all parts of Edinburgh

Applicants for this service should also meet this condition:

Ideally for over 16's


Self Referral

This service accepts direct self referrals.

Agency Referral

GPs, CPNs, health professionals

Provider's Name: Foundation for Positive Mental Health

Type: Charity/Voluntary

Foundation for Positive Mental Health are a charity, reg no SC041132 , dedicated to promoting skills training for positive mental health, to enhance everyday wellbeing, increase resilience to, and recovery from, mental health difficulties.

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