Firsthand Lothian

Firsthand Lothian exists to support disadvantaged families and children with disabilities to achieve their full potential.

Service Description

Skilled staff and volunteers help build resilience by working with families in their community, providing support, respite care, guidance and information. This services include:

  • one-to-one support for children with disabilities to achieve goals and develop their confidence, explore opportunities available to them in their local community and to engage in other activities outwith the family home on a regular basis
  • support and advice for parents who have few support networks of their own
  • working with parents to help establish routines with their children
  • information and support to access other agencies appropriate to the needs of the family

Time for Mum
This project is for Mums who are isolated with no support networks of their own and have childcare in place.
Meeting one-to-one with a worker/volunteer for up to 12 weeks. During this time, mums are encouraged to identify what they want to do and supported to find out what is available locally. Their worker /volunteer will go with them to groups and activities until they are confident and comfortable to do this themselves. Mums have expressed an interest in finding out about wide range of activities including knitting, art and cooking groups, improving physical fitness through exercise classes, gym, yoga and swimming. This service allows mums to meet people, make friends and improve their self-confidence.

Parent and Carer Group
A small social group  of parent/ carers who have children with disabilities meet monthly in a local coffee shop on Leith Walk for a chat and share their experiences and knowledge of caring for a child with additional support needs.  This group also have a closed Parent and Carer Facebook Page which  enables parents who are unable to attend the meetings to connect with other parents who have a good understanding of their situation.

How To Get In Touch

Telephone Number: 0131 523 1322

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This service is available to residents of all parts of Edinburgh

Service Contact

Tel: 0131 523 1322

Provider's Name: Firsthand Lothian

Type: Charity/Voluntary

Firsthand Lothian aims to increase resiliency and improve well-being of vulnerable, disadvantaged families and families with a child or children with a disability. Delivered in the family home and local community we provide support and regular respite for parents, children and families affected by having a child with a disability from birth to 18 years of age.

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Service Contact

Tel: 0131 523 1322

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