Family Group Decision Making (FGDM)

City of Edinburgh Council has launched a Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) pilot project for adults in Edinburgh. Where there are concerns about an adult a family meeting may be the best way of deciding on action. The approach is based on the belief that when given all the information, and the structure to support decision making, people and their family/ network are able to find solutions to the difficulties that they face. It recognises that family and friends have a life-long commitment to each other, and therefore often have a better understanding of how to help. The term family includes anyone the person identifies as significant or important to them.

The model, which originated in New Zealand, brings relatives, friends and professionals together in one meeting “the family meeting”. The agenda for this meeting is set by the family themselves and they agree who should attend. Preparation is carried out by the FGDM co-ordinator who visits everyone, to hear their point of view and make sure they understand the concerns and issues to resolve.

Examples of when a family meeting can be used:
• An individual/family is at risk of homelessness.
• To help reduce isolation.
• Support to reduce carers stress
• Support required to help someone remain at home or leave hospital
• Involving family in care planning for people with disabilities alongside Self Directed Support.
• Supporting family to reconnect with other family and networks

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    • Risk of Homlessness, Family,


This service is available to residents of all parts of Edinburgh

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The service is open to all adults aged over 16


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This service accepts direct self referrals.

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Any professionals

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  • Creche facilities are not available at this location.

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