Health in Mind is a Scottish charity, which works to promotes the health and wellbeing of people who experience mental health difficulties.

Tel: 0131 225 8508

Services run by this provider

  • Depression and Anxiety Support Group – Stockbridge
  • Anxiety Management Course
  • Social Hub
  • Women Wellbeing Course
  • One-to-one peer support
  • Lothian Deaf Counselling Service
  • MAPS – My Assets and Personal Strengths
  • The Wellbeing Space
  • Wellbeing Gateway in South West Edinburgh
  • Trauma Counselling Line Scotland
  • The Listening Space
  • Depression and Anxiety Support Group
  • Pathway – Women (Health in Mind)
  • re:discover (Health in Mind)
  • Equal Access (Health in Mind)
  • Guided Self Help (Health in Mind)
  • Oasis (Health in Mind)
  • Pathway – Men (Health in Mind)