Counselling and Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups.

Low cost counselling available.

What do we offer?

Individual & couple counselling
Counselling can help you change and adjust to your current social situation by empowering you to respond differently to stressful situations whether at work or at home. The counsellor will work with you for you to make changes in your behaviour and response to others. Resolving stress can lead to the resolution of problems and a healthier life. Counselling is usually of limited duration of between 6 to 20 sessions.

Psychotherapy for individuals
Psychotherapy is usually a longer process, requiring the client to commit to the process of working through the issues that prevent them from getting what they want in life. Often dealing with problems from the past, the client engages with the therapist to understand and change unhelpful patterns of behaviour, beliefs and feelings in order that their life may be more fulfilled and complete. The therapist will be willing to agree a time limited contract, usually for six weeks, for you to explore whether you wish to commit to the process of psychotherapy.

Group Therapy
Group therapy is a powerful alternative to working one to one. In a group you can take the space to work on resolving your issues in a supportive and enhancing place.  You can experiment with responses and behaviours that might seem too great to risk in the outside world.  You can then use this experience to respond and behave differently at home and at work.  We expect clients to have done some individual work before joining a group.

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