EARS Independent Advocacy Service (SCIO) provides trained, independent, professional advocacy workers.

EARS advocates are independent because they are not employed by any social work department, health board or residential/nursing care home.

EARS aims to provide independent advocacy, which will:

  • assist and support you to speak up for themselves – self-advocate
  • ensure that people who cannot speak up for themselves have their voices heard – advocate on behalf of you
  • provide opportunities for you to meet and self-advocate on common issues – collective/group advocacy
  • assist you to achieve their goals and/or to access the services they need or would benefit from
  • provide the information you need to ensure that they can make informed choices and decisions
  • assist you to gain control over their situations and lives
  • protect your rights

EARS also strives to raise awareness of the role of advocacy and the benefit advocacy can have in improving people’s outcomes/lives.

Tel: 0131 478 8866
Email: info@ears-advocacy.org.uk
Website: www.ears-advocacy.org.uk/

Services run by this provider

  • Advocacy to Survivors of Stroke