If someone you know seems down, depressed, angry…or just not themselves it can be difficult to know just what to say.  It is natural that you might want to help but are not sure how.

What can you do?

It is important to remember that everyone is different and responds differently, but there are a number of things you could do to help:

  • Spend time with them – talking and listening
  • Be supportive – remember to listen and try to understand, not judge them
  • Support them to find out more about how they are feeling – use the Service Directory and Factsheets on this website to find out about local support services and sources of information
  • Suggest they contact their GP or another health professional to talk about how they are feeling – it may be an idea to offer to support them to make the appointment and possibly attend the appointment with them
  • Suggest self-help strategies – the Self-Help Fact Sheet on this site provides information on self-help and details of different self-help resources

Look after yourself

Remember to look after yourself.  It is important not to feel that you have to take on all this yourself – there are lots of people out there that can provide support for both you and your friend – you don’t need to take it all on yourself.  If you feel at any time that you might need some support use our Service Directory to find out more.

If someone you know is feeling suicidal

Our Suicidal Thoughts Factsheet provides information on how you can support someone who is feeling suicidal.

Our Need Help Now page lists services that you can contact for support in a crisis.