Who We Are

Key Partners involved in the development and running of Edspace:

  • City of Edinburgh Council
  • CAPS
  • Choose Life
  • Edinburgh Carers Council
  • Edinburgh Community Health Partnerships (CHP’s)
  • Edinburgh Crisis Centre
  • Edinburgh Users Forum
  • Health in Mind
  • NHS Lothian
  • Patient’s Council
  • People who use the website
  • Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Edspace is managed by Health in Mind.

Edspace receives funding from NHS Lothian.

A bit of background

In 2005, City of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian commissioned Infusion to undertake a comprehensive, consultative review of the InTouch information service.

Infusion recommended that InTouch should evolve into a web-based service and that the project stay within the mental health community and be managed by an organisation with information provision expertise.

City of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian commissioned Health in Mind to explore the web-based information service, as it formally provided a specialist mental health Information Resource Centre locally based in Edinburgh.

In December 2005, a steering group was established to develop the project including: City of Edinburgh Council, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh Crisis Centre, Choose Life, CAPS, Edinburgh User Forum, Edinburgh Carers Council, Patients Council, and Health in Mind.

This group has evolved into an Advisory Group, which assists with database monitoring and development.

Edspace aims

The aims of the database are to:

  • Signpost people to appropriate mental health services in Edinburgh
  • Enable people to make informed choices in their treatment and care
  • Inform people of factors influencing positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Enable people to access services and information which may be of benefit to them or someone they support

Guiding Principles

Edspace content is provided by ‘Expert Authors’ including service providers; mental health professionals; carers; and service users.  Content is monitored and approved by the Edspace Team and the Advisory Group.

The Advisory Group will take collective responsibility to:

  • Provide appropriate advice, information and support to help Edspace fulfil its aims
  • Make final decisions regarding content where this may be controversial
  • Monitor website accessibility – in terms of language, as well as design and content
  • Monitor feedback, including complaints and make decisions / advise on changes where appropriate

In carrying out these responsibilities, the Advisory Group will provide information in good faith, but cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies or any liability arising from information provided by other agencies.  Neither can they give advice nor recommend a specific service; inclusion in the database does not constitute a recommendation.