A&E – all and Equal is a new research project to explore stigma and discrimination faced by people with lived experience in A&E and consider ways to tackle it.

The project is being led by Edinburgh Community Voices collective advocacy group, and is funded by the See Me Community Innovation Fund.

The A&E – All & Equal project will last for six months, starting at the beginning of September.

Community Voices are looking for people with lived experience of a mental health condition or diagnosis to volunteer in the project steering group or as a researcher.

The project will involve individual interviews with people who have had bad experiences in A&E as a result of their mental health diagnosis – and also interviews with people who have had good experiences where they were treated well, so that this good practice can be shared.

Whatever your experience of A&E, if you are willing to be interviewed, please get in touch. All contributors will remain anonymous. Contact Becky or Patricia at[email protected] or call 0131 554 5307.