6VT Edinburgh City Youth Café supports young people living or visiting Edinburgh, and have recently developed a new project called the Cairn Project.

The Cairn Project will be the first specialised confidential project in Scotland that supports young people from Edinburgh who have been affected by crime. The project will offer a tiered support service to build resilience, change unproductive thought patterns, increase happiness and divert those at risk offending (due to previous victimisation experiences) to new opportunities as well as practical support through the legal process.

The Cairn team would like to welcome all referrals to the service. The criteria for the service is as follows:

  • Any young person aged 12 – 18 years old, living in Edinburgh

The project includes those young people whom:

  • Are the formal complainers to Police and a direct victim of crime
  • Are not the formal complainer, but impacted by a crime experienced by someone they live with or against their household
  • Have been a victim and not reported to Police

For more informaiton and to refer, please contact [email protected]